Mahdokht Molaei is an Iranian director, actress, writer and producer who graduated from Art University of Esfahan with a degree in handicrafts. Mahdokht started her film career as an actress for stage and screen, and expanded her focus to screenwriting and producing, namely is the short film “Black Eared” made in co-production with Sweden.
She also has numerous internationally recognized work  such as best actress in Brazil Independent Film Festival.

Her films focus on women’s rights and their fight against social structures. She has co-founded a production company with other female filmmakers of Iranian cinema.
Their company has produced many notable short films, including the “Women” short film that released on November 25th on the annual day of fighting violence against women.
Together, they have also launched the online magazine “Bone” which examines the role of women in cinema.

Mahdokht is currently writing her feature script “Branches of the Sun”.


Best Actress for a Student Film “The Castel” International South America Awards/USA /2021
Best Actress for “The Castel” Brazil International Independent Film Festival/Brazil /2020
The Best Teacher Of “Osweh” festival/Iran /2020
Best Actress for “The Cobblestones Of Valiasr Street” Shahr Theatre Festival – Iran /2014
Honorable Mention for The Film “They are Watching at Us” in “Pasargad Bank” festival/Iran 2017
Honorable Mention for Best Actress’ “When I was Lying Down and I was Dying’/2014

Nominated for Best Actress (Asia Talent Award) “BOTAX” Shanghai International Film Festival/ China /2021
Nominated for Best Actress “Polaroid” 11th Omid International Film Festival/Iran /2023
Nominated for Best Actress “The Castel” Garoa Awards/USA /2021
Nominated for Best Actress “THE CASTEL” Tiete film awards/USA /2020
Nominated for the Best Actress “Tribune” / Azad Film Festival/Iran /2016
Nominated for the Best Actress’ “Aftabkaran and Other Farmers of the Middle East Land” / Shahr Theatre Festival/Iran /2015
Recognition by the Iran Theater website as one of the five most rising actresses/Iran /2018